Clocking off early …

Another beautiful day.

It is a very quiet day at Dreamcatchers. Everyone arrived yesterday and there are no changeovers today. I was up early, swam with a friend at 7.30 am and had a couple of washings done before that! It is now nearly 11 am, I have nearly completed the washing, the emails are answered, I am writing to you and I am then going to clock off for the day! I will be around of course if guests need anything.

I suspect they are all out enjoying the beautiful countryside.As you know I love to cycle and we have wonderful cycling around. If you are coming you are well-advised to bring your bikes. You can get into Queen Elizabeth Forest after about a 30-second cycle on a quiet road and you can go for miles through the forest. It is a real treat. If you like to hill walk we have Conich Hill which is 20 mins drive and then up a gentle hill but the view at the top is amazing. Ben A’an and Ben Lomond are very local too. Amazing hill walks with incredible views at the top.

The birds are singing, the sun is shining, the washing is drying – what more could a girl ask?