Charging on ..

There was great excitement today when the roofing material arrived. Honestly, I need to get out more – just getting out would be good! It has been a very long saga and I was delighted that we were on track until someone said: “perfect just the glass problem now to solve”. What???!!!!!When I looked over at the windows, they do indeed have no glass! How did I miss that little nugget?So now we have the roof there is seemingly a shortage of glass all over the country! Who would have believed it? Now I can stop fretting about the roof material and start concerning myself with the lack of glass!

The sink arrived. You can see the boys all examining it. It was obviously of great interest! It is a copper jam pan which we will convert into a sink. It will look lovely.

I have been to Glasgow choosing the fabric for the campervan. The van will be in company colours – burgundy and white. We are having wooden cabinets and fairy lights so I have gone for a raspberry fabric for the upholstery and tartan for the cushions and curtains. It is very exciting indeed. It is going to be amazing (although I do say so myself).

It will be available to hire for a honeymoon package (maybe we will rename it to a romantic package). It will have fairy lights and lovely bedding. We will have a bike rack and it will have everything you need in it – no add ons. You will be able to mix and match with nights in the cabins – we can hardly wait! Brian and I will of course have to do a trip in it first to ensure it is perfect for you all to hire! I will keep you posted! Stay safe. x