Causes we are privileged to support….

As you will know supporting charity is very important to us at Dreamcatcher Cabins.

Over the next 2 months we are delighted to be supporting Edinburgh University students raise money for 2 really worthwhile causes Teenage Cancer Trust who help young people with cancer and Papyrus who help young people contemplating suicide. We will be giving 4 nights as auction prizes.


The students, including my niece (she says proudly), are doing fundraising events to raise awareness and financially support these charities.

It both heartens me, saddens me and makes me very annoyed. In a society like ours, we should not be having to support young people in crisis through charities. It should be their automatic right through our NHS provisions. However, the reality is, it is not.

it heartens me greatly that our young people are taking on these causes, talking about them and raising money for further great work to be done.

As a teacher I worked with Teenage Cancer Trust. They come into schools and deliver talks to groups of students on the cancers most likely to affect them. How many lives saved I wonder?

Suicide – I was also lucky enough to receive training on spotting the signs that a young person was in distress. Most people will not discuss suicide. You may already be feeling uncomfortable. Please look at the website, please open up the conversation with your young people. Ask the question. You may not like the answer, but already, the young person may be feeling relief that you are willing to talk about it.

As I said, we are delighted to support these worthwhile charities as part of our charity programme at Dreamcatcher Cabins.