Campervan honeymoons?

Dreamcatcher Honeymoons

As you may remember we are launching honeymoon packages tailored to your needs. You can see the “typical” package on our website.

As one of our packages, we plan to have a 4 night stay in the cabins exploring our beautiful local area and then a 10-day self-drive exploration of Scotland in a T6 VW camper van.

Brian and I spent Friday at the Camping and Caravan Show doing our research. We have a vision of the campervan in our company colors. It will have all the additions we think you will need to make your honeymoon extra special. It will be a brand new camper with bikes on the back. It means when you stop you can unhook the bikes and go off and explore the beauty of the area you are in. There will be a little tent-like awning to attach too and if you are not near a campsite a little portable toilet can go in there.

It will have air-con for the hot days and heating for the cold, a shower to attach to the back for the really brave, midge screens, suggested route plans and places to visit and lots of other additions that I have not yet thought about (Dreamcatcher curtains for example and tasty things in the fridge 😉 ). We will make it really special for your dream trip.

We would be really interested in your thoughts and suggestions. There is nobody more qualified to aks than you.