Beyond our Wildest Dreams

Dreamcatcher cabins, Gartmore.
Dreamcatcher cabins, Gartmore.
A few days ago we launched a competition on Facebook – a 2 night stay at our cabins is the prize. The result was absolutely astounding. We have reached 1.2 million people and have over 16k likes. We could not have ever imagined anything like it. I cannot tell you how delighted we are with your overwhelmingly positive reactions to our cabins. It has been lovely that people have taken time to comment and email really kind words. Thank you all so much for helping us get off to a great start.

The instant response was so huge our website could not cope and went into meltdown. Brian and I did too to be honest! My phone nearly exploded with all the notifications. We got lots of bookings (thank you everyone who has booked) but we did suffer a few teething problems and a few people were disappointed in the rush. We apologise again to anyone in that position. We just could not have ever imagined we would have got such a massive, instant response.

It has been such a team effort. Will, of the Little Hut Company ( who built them, Brian and his team who did all the groundwork, Ashley Coombes Photography ( who took such fantastic photos and everyone else who helped in so many ways.

For those of you who have not entered the competition yet there is still time. It will be drawn on Sunday and the results posted. Good luck everyone.

Thank you again for all your help. It has been just fantastic. We are so grateful to you all.