I have been getting a lot of questions about availability. I hope the following is helpful.

Our first availability is November 8th.

If you need a weekend our first availability is 15th January in Hedgehog, then Friday 22 nd in Jay and Hedgehog. We have space between Christmas and New Year.

We are so grateful to everyone who has booked and stayed with us. Thank you. We really appreciate it.

A recent guest said:

“We finished off our honeymoon with a couple of days in Dreamcatcher Cabins. What can we say. It was truly like a dream! The outside space is wonderful with the fire and bath. It was incredibly romantic and very, very relaxing. We would recommend Dreamcatchers for anyone looking for a top quality accommodation for a special occasion – it is absolutely worth it!”.

We were very excited during the week to have a successful proposal. Many congratulations Fraser and Chloe!