As our thoughts turn to Christmas…

This year, like everything else, our Christmas may be a little different. We will need to see what the rules are by then and see how we can accommodate our celebrations around them.

The thought of not having, for example, our “Christmas Girls Night Out” which we have had now for 38 years makes me more than a little sad. Our venues have changed over the years. When we all met the venue was a nightclub with breakfast being part of the night out! You can imagine the chaos. The chat was all about romance, nights out, holidays and good times.

These days (well pre COVID) we are more likely to be seen sitting around a table in one of our favourite restaurants, all sharing one pair of reading glasses, because the rest of us have left them lying at home, discussing the optimum time to retire! I miss seeing them.

Every day however I am grateful for the fact that we are all well and so are all of our families. Many people have had so much sadness to deal with. I am also grateful that after a period of closure during lockdown Dreamcatchers remains open and we are now almost totally fully booked for this year and at the weekends are booked until next March! Once again, thank you for your support. It has been so much appreciated.

I have had a lot of interest in Christmas Gift Vouchers for Dreamcatchers. You can purchase them on our website. Many families are clubbing together to get couples a Gift Voucher to get away together and forget all about the pandemic. I am impressed that you are so organised already! Again, thank you.

When I think about Christmas this year I am going to remember Winnie The Pooh’s outlook in life. “When life throws you a rainy day, play in the puddles”. We have had more than a rainy day but I know there will be a lot of puddles this Christmas if we look hard enough for them, and count our blessings.Stay safe. x