Anxiety and depression – a very real problem

For any of us who have suffered from anxiety or depression (possibly both), it is a life-altering experience for us and often for our families too. With both, it is an easy decline but an oh so difficult climb back to feeling good.

Someone showed me a quote the other day;

“if you do not make time for your wellbeing, you will have to make time for your illness”

How true that is.

When we were designing Dreamcatcher Cabins we had wellbeing and destressing at the heart of our concept.

No plug sockets = no gadgets

Candle and fairy lights = calming low lighting

Quality bedding = good sleep

Outdoor area = fresh air and connection with nature

Welcome Folder = meditation techniques, local walks and outdoor activities which boost mood and calm the mind

You can imagine then the delight when we received this review:


Escapism: a well-earned break from the treadmill of life. Our ‘BISTO’, moment…” Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”!

Dreamcatchers should be on NHS prescription, especially those suffering from anxiety & depression.

Connected to the elements in nature and an invitation to revitalise body, mind & soul. We took advantage of hot piping baths (loved the complimentary bath bomb & Prosecco).

Fox’s Lair ooozzzzed quality throughout, we’re a stickler for top drawer bedding & dressing gowns. Spot on Dreamcatchers 👌

Got an insight to the concept that has evolved through reading some of the blog in the stunning book in the cabin.

Had a lovely meal at the Black Bull in Gartmore, although we did take advantage of the cooking facilities.

Well done to the Patterson Family 👏👏👏👏

Namaste 🙏

Thank you for taking the time to write such a lovely review and thank you to you all for reading. Namaste x