Another popular activity in the cabins


Reading through some of your comments today I realised I had forgotten one of the activities most spoken about – SLEEPING! So many people find that they fall asleep at all sorts of time of the day and night when staying in the cabins. Our beds are really comfortable with thick “squashy” pillows and duvets and top quality mattresses. I think the fresh air helps too!

I was down after dark to Dreamcatchers last night. There was no moon and it was pitch black. I nearly collapsed when something black with 4 legs popped out of the trees on to the path at my legs. After I picked myself off the path (I had left my torch at home so could not see) I saw it was our little black cat. I did not realise she visited the site. She is very shy so you probably will not see her but it may explain why a few people have reported loud “rustling in the undergrowth”. If you see her she is called Pan. Our other cat is called WIllis and he is large and ginger. He is more likely to come and say hello if you like cats. I have seen him on site a couple of times. He is as laid back as she is jumpy. So if you hear loud rustling in the undergrowth …………..