Another Lockdown

Yesterday came as a bit of a shock to me. I was so sure that Nicola would not lockdown businesses as so many are on the brink of not surviving, but she did. It took me a few hours to get my head around the implications of that.

We talk a lot about the older generation and how the pandemic is affecting them, but maybe we think less about the younger generation.In your teens and early 20s, to have your freedom taken away to see friends and socialise, is actually a very big deal too. Many young people will be without a job and home staying with parents again – it’s not always an easy thing to negotiate.

In my early 20s my life was one big party, I was forging a career in a job market where I had many choices and had bought my first flat with a 100% mortgage. I saw my friends every day and had the freedom to travel anywhere I fancied. Young people at present are having a very different experience.

I know other generations have faced worse (my Dad went to war) but it’s still hard for young people. As well as checking in with the older generation are we checking on the younger generation too? Let’s not assume they are ok because they are young and adaptable. Many are finding this pandemic a really difficult thing to cope with.

Here at Dreamcatchers we are getting ready to close our doors again. Along with being sad, I am also very grateful.

I am grateful for the furlough scheme which will mean our “Dream Team” will be paid. I am grateful that our business will survive this further blow and we all remain well. I am grateful to all our customers who have been able to rearrange their bookings. For the ones who had to cancel we understand that too. We are grateful for you saying that you will rebook when you get back on your feet.

Let’s keep at the forefront of our minds that a vaccine is on the way and life will return to normal in the not too distant future.

Stay safe.