Another Friday – where are the weeks going?

Fridays are always busy and today was no exception. It is such a lovely day and it was a pleasure getting the cabins ready for our new guests.

I sat down at lunchtime and Darby our parrot sat down with me. Overhead 4 crows arrived high in the sky calling. Darby instantly took off and his little wings were beating 10 to the dozen as he made his way high into the sky. For the next 15 minutes he swooped and dived with the crows all playing happily. It was beautiful to sit and watch – if a bit noisy. He was so excited he was squawking the whole time! After the fun was over Darby made his way back to earth and settled back down beside me. I am definitely second best!

Brian is excited this evening too – he is off to a bee-keeping course. We have a hive of bees and we are hoping this summer we will get some honey – who knows we may even have enough to put a little pot in the cabins!

I hope everyone has a really lovely weekend. x