Dreamcatcher Blog

And, relax…

In a weird way, the pace of life has slowed now that we’re open again. For the last few weeks, we’ve all been working away to get the cabins ready for our guests arriving. Now that we have people in, there’s far less for us to do. 

It’s certainly a relief to have a bit more time on our hands. We were all feeling the strain by the end of last week. With improvements being made in the original four, and Hedgehog being built, the “work in progress” list kept getting longer. 

But, by Friday afternoon, we were ready. A delivery of fairy light remote controls arrived at 2:30 (check-in is 3!), which was cutting it a little closer than we would like. However, once they were installed, and the final checks were finished, the cabins were looking perfect. 

The Dream Team pulled together in a huge effort to get everything ready to open on time. The cabins are in great shape now to serve the many, many guests we have booked in for the rest of the summer and beyond. 

It’s a good feeling to be back to business as usual. 

Enjoy your week everyone.