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An Honest Day’s Milling

Today was one of the more productive days I’ve had in lockdown. I met Keith at 8am on the track for an honest day’s milling. 

Keith’s the operator of a mobile saw mill. His nifty bit of machinery can be pulled behind a 4×4 and can access all areas (including our muddy path). 

It took us a full day’s work, but at the end our larch and oak trunks had been converted into rails, panels and posts, all ready to be used in the construction of Hedgehog Hideaway (bookable now for August). 

It was great to be using our own wood from our own land. It feels organic and responsible. The oak we milled had fallen down in a storm, so to be re-purposing it in such a useful way is very satisfying. 

It’s now all stacked and ready to be moved down to the site. But that’s a tomorrow job.

If you have any milling needs, Keith’s your man. He’s competent and great to work with. Get him here