“All it takes is Faith, Trust and a Little Pixie Dust”

Oh …… and a great team. We have been really lucky to have a fabulous team. Will and Nick (The Little Hut Company, Stephen (joiner) who we met in his other life as a maths tutor, when our son was in need of help with his maths higher, Callum who came to drive the digger, has landscaping experience and has stayed on, Brian (my husband) who is also a Landscaper and is working and overseeing the developments, Ryan, another experienced landscaper who works full time with Brian, Kimba (Will’s dog) who gives us all lots of attention and kisses and me, who makes the tea, the lunch and the afternoon coffee – with great competence I might add. Together, the cabins are galloping forward and we are really excited with they way they are shaping up. Today the first ensuite is going in. You will see from the photos we are having some sparkles in the ensuite. I know it’s not rustic and in keeping, but, we all need a little sparkle in our lives I’d say! The painting has started, four coats down and who knows how many more to go, Will is putting in some of the details like the window trims and sills which look lovely, the third cabin is striding forward, cladding is going on (from our own trees so no travel miles) ramps up to the cabins are going in and I am starting think about the curtains, cushions and bedding as well as the tea, coffee and lunches. We are having laughs, frustrating days in the rain and mud, days we seem to get very little done and other days we stride forward and make lots of progress. Very exciting times. It has been great to have many friends and neighbours here to look round and please if anyone would like to see the progress pop in! We would be delighted. So, as I said all it takes is “faith, trust and pixie dust” Thanks Tinkerbell.

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