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All Hand on SIPs!

Yesterday, in the first heavy rain we’ve had in weeks, our SIPs arrived! You may be wondering, as I was, what on Earth SIPs are? Well, SIPs stands for “Structurally Insulated Panels” – large panels with insulation in the middle which fit together kind of like Lego. They make up the walls, floor and ceiling of the cabins, so when you’re lying in bed, you’re in the middle of a big cosy box of insulation!

All available hands were on site to unload the delivery, with Chrissy, myself, Jamie and Dad all taking an end each. Mum was snapping the photos and chatting to the lovely delivery man. 

SIPs panels are a very modern building material. Not only are they eco friendly and very low on labour, they’re also 7x stronger than a timber frame, and 3x stronger than brick and block. This means they make for a sturdy, green, cosy building! 

Many thanks to SIPs for delivering our panels. Hedgehog Hideaway will be up in no-time! 

***Additional note*** 

We’re currently offering a discount on 5 and 7 day stays at Dreamcatcher’s! If you’re interested, get in touch through email at hello@dreamcatcherscabins.co.uk