A Wren’s Nest in Jay’s Nest

A little Wren made a nest in Jay’s Nest cabin where Ross is living. Mum has been in and out, not bothering about Ross, feeding her 4 babies for a couple of weeks now.

A couple of days ago 2 of the babies fell out of the nest. They were beautiful. Ross got out the disposable gloves so mummy bird would not smell him and put the babies back in the nest. The nest looks a little small for 4 babies but as far as we can see (we do not want to disturb them) all is well and the 4 babies are doing well.

We are pleased with our small contribution to local conservation. We have now planted about 250 native trees and shrubs, the Red Squirrel population has increased significantly, we introduced baby pheasants last year and yesterday I saw another 2 baby pheasants so our babies must be parents now too!

Brian has reared and introduced about 12 baby hedgehogs and we know they are in the area because when he puts out food at his feeding station it is always scoffed! Guests have also reported that they could hear loud (in the silence of night) snuffling noises in the area around the cabins. For tiny creatures, they can make quite a noise.

The other noise that is evident is the parrot noises coming out of the trees. Derby (Brian’s parrot) is living a great life spending time with us in the house and then in the afternoon having a fly around the garden. He has decided, after an altercation with a crow, not to leave the garden which is fantastic. For weeks now he has been entertaining us flying round and round, landing in a tree and shouting “whooopidoopy” when he lands! When the guests come back, if they hear him, it is guaranteed to make them smile.

Wildlife in general is doing well during the lockdown (native and otherwise) and we are pleased to report that the same is happening in Dreamcatcher Cabins.