A wee wander through Dreamcatchers

Brian is out this morning so I thought I would get on and get something done in my veg patch. Weeding is not my best activity so after a while I thought I would take a wander through to see what is happening in Dreamcatchers.

There are no guests. There is beautiful sunshine though. The crocus are bright pops of colour all around and the daffodils are ready to burst open any day. It looks lovely.

As I wandered up the paths and round I did smile and think it is a good job there were no guests. I think I may have looked slightly excentric to some! Our little black cat Pan was trotting at my side chatting to me in her loud meow voice. She cannot get over the fact she does not get lunch even although she asks for it every day. I was again explaining to her that she is probably a bit overfed as it is and I would not be adding lunch into her diet. She was protesting loudly at this news – as she does every day

. Derby (Brian’s parrot – my best friend when he is out) was also with me flying at my shoulder and landing from tree to tree shouting “seeds” “hiya” “what a clever boy” at me. Intermittently I was answering his chat too with some relevant comments about his diet and the fact he has a dish full of seeds back at base camp and 2 very efficient wings to get him there.

I stopped suddenly and thought “have I finally lost it?”.

Actually, I find it really special to have that bond with an animal where they want to spend time with you. I am under no illusion that food was the motive for both but special all the same! Sometimes animals can make us smile at times when humans cannot. They both made me smile this morning.

We reopen on 26th April – we will all be smiling on that date! There have been a couple of issues with our website this morning. If you are struggling to see availability it should be operational again soon we hope. I will let you know when it is fixed and the availability we have.

As always stay safe. x