A Very Special Break ..

As you may remember Jamie is living overseas. With all the COVID restrictions it had been over a year since we had been together and like so many families we were really missing being able to hug and “hang out”. I know this is a small price compared to the sorrow so many families have had and we are grateful for that.

At the beginning of March the restrictions loosened allowing me to book a flight to go and visit Jamie. Brian stayed at home with the Dream Team to ensure all our guests were looked after. I think they barely noticed I was gone! Not indispensable after all!

For those of you who have managed reunions with loved ones recently, you will understand what a wonderful experience it was. What a privilege to spend 2 weeks with your adult son doing lovely things together. I feel incredibly grateful.

Now I am back home and after the painful goodbyes, it is lovely to be home. Dreamcatchers is looking amazing in the sunshine. The wee lambs are all around, the daffodils are spectacular and I have returned with the energy and enthusiasm that a total break and a little bit of sunshine gives you.

I hope if you have had a long separation from loved ones you get to see them soon. There is nothing more important. x