A very belated Merry Christmas …

With the cabins closed due to COVID we have totally relaxed and enjoyed some time together. I feel very lucky indeed that we are together and I am so aware that for many of you, this year, has been so different to what you would have liked it to be. I really feel for you all.

Last year Jamie and Ross were travelling and were not home for Christmas, although we were lucky to have David with us. It was the first Christmas apart so I have a little idea of how many of you would be feeling as Santa made his way around you all this year if you were apart from those you love. This year I felt especially blessed to have everyone around the table. It was a day filled with love and laughter and we gave blessing for everything we have – and it included all of you. We appreciate everything you do – reading and sharing posts, telling your friends, coming to stay – everything.

We also had a visitor in the village on Christmas Eve. Santa made an appearance on the main street. He knocked on the windows of the children in the village – what a sight. It was such a lovely moment after the year we have all had.

The cabins will remain closed until 16th January as Nicola has aked. We look forward to having you all back then. Until then we are just going to make the most of being on holiday together at home and try to focus on the positive.

The virus, if you watch the news (I am trying not to) is going in the wrong direction it would seem. However, we must keep remembering the vaccine is here and we are winning this battle.

Stay strong and stay safe x