A tactical retreat

I have come indoors out of the way to have a chat with you guys as there is a bit much going on out there. The noise is deafening. Jamie is on the breaker (he is still trying to get through the bedrock to lay the pipes), Will is powering on with the roof – Kimber is keeping a good eye on him.

Stephen has the saw going making some beautiful rustic shelves for Badger’s Sett and Ross is missing in action somewhere. I am keeping everyone fed and watered and that is a full-time occupation.

Brian is putting down “causies” at the entrance to keep the hardcore off the road. It will look lovely but the ground really compacted so it is a very hard job.

Yesterday it was also all hands on deck to get the roof structure lifted into place. I was “helping” but was soon asked to leave as I seemed to be more of a liability than a help! David was here so there was plenty of muscle but it still looked like a really heavy job holding the structure in place while Will was securing it.

On top of all this we get our van on Friday so we have to have the design organised too. I am starting to feel that we have, again, bitten off a little bit more than we can chew!