Dreamcatcher Blog

A Little Bit More Liveable

An improvement we’ve made over the past few weeks has been new shelves in all of the cabins.

They’ve been crafted out of our own larch, sanded by myself, and installed by Stephen the Joiner and Dad.

Within a day of the shelves being installed in my own cabin, I instinctively put them to use. Before I knew it, I had candles, a hat, some clothes, and a book stored tidily against the wall.

One of the issues I’ve had during my cabin stay has been storage. Until now, there hasn’t been a convenient place to put things like clothes, meaning I’ve often used the chair in the room as a wardrobe – not ideal.

That problem has now been elegantly solved. We have a great place to put things, without cluttering up the room. Not only that, but they fit beautifully with the rustic feel the room already has.

It’s another great addition which makes the cabins just a little more liveable.