A busy day at Dreamcatcher Cabins


It has been busy and interesting here today at Dreamcatchers.

It did not start well. Brian was late home last night as he stopped off to do a quick job in a friend’s garden. What he did not realise was that their lovely wee cat had climbed into his van! This morning when he opened the van door poor Tiger was staring back at him. He tried to lift him, Tiger was not happy (understandably), scratched him and disappeared into the woods!

Unfortunately, he is quite a bit away from home and we are not sure if he will manage to find his way back so as Brian drove off to work he was detailing where to look for Tiger and his description – “a blonde cat with a flatish face”. Honestly, have you ever heard the likes? Anyway, I have not been able to find TIger so if anyone in the village is reading this could you please keep your eyes peeled. He was last seen at Dreamcatcher Cabins, running for his life, away from a man who kidnapped him and kept him prisoner all night! Sorry Tiger, we are usually far nicer to our guests.

I have had a lovely day painting the UV oil on to the outside of Jay’s Nest. It was sunny and peaceful. The birds were singing, my wee robin was bobbing about and the squirrels were scurrying around the trees.

Jamie and Ross were working on the new calendar going live today. If you go on to the website it is now so much easier to see when the cabins are free. When you put in your dates it pops up like magic! It has been a little bit of a saga getting it up and running but they have done it – thank you boys!

When I came in from my painting Jamie asked “Mum, do you know how many hits you have had on your blog?”. Well, if you have been with me from the start of this journey you will know that just over a year ago I had never even used Facebook and I have had many a technology disaster over the year so there was no chance I had any idea how many “hits” I had on my blog!

I thought I would start optimistically with a guess of 10,000. That was met with a shake of his head. “Nine thousand” I tried. That was not correct either. I honestly nearly collapsed when he said there has been 500,000! I cannot believe it and I am now terrified writing this. No more will I be flopping on to the settee with my laptop and rattling in what pops into my head! I will be sitting at my desk with my Thesaurus considering every word!!!!

I am so grateful to you all for taking the time to follow our escapades at Dreamcatcher Cabins and delighted that you find them interesting!