A beautiful season ..

All around us nature is bursting into life. The woods behind the cabins are a sea of bluebells and we have 2 sparrows nesting in the nest box. Brian is delighted because the male sparrow has been around for a couple of years and never managed to find a partner. He is now busy making their home comfortable.

We also have 2 Ravens making a nest in the trees. They are huge birds and can make a huge amount of noise so they may end up being a bit of a mixed blessing!

We have 2 hens and they have just been given their freedom after being locked up for months due to the bird flu threat. It was a bit like a hen lockdown. The restrictions have just been lifted and the girls are delighted to be out and about in the garden today. I was less delighted to see them scraping around beside the little hydrangea cuttings I propagated last year!

The trees have just got their leaves and they are brilliant green in the sunshine. It really makes you feel that summer is almost upon us. It is a beautiful time to come and visit the cabins. We look forward to having you. x