The sun shines and the good times roll ..

I was looking back through our website (blog) to check the date of something yesterday and came across a blog I had done during the first lockdown. It was about missing my friends and extended family. I know I was very fortunate indeed to have my immediate family with me including David who feels like another son. We also did not lose anyone close during this frightening period. I feel very lucky indeed.

The boys had been travelling when the virus struck and came home from different parts of the world. As were the rules we had to isolate for 2 weeks away from each other and they chose to do that each in a separate cabin.

The weather was great and we would eat together outside at 2 different tables with several metres between us – separate dishes, salt and pepper etc.

One of us only would leave the house to get shopping and we would wash it when we returned home. If the boys needed anything from the house we would leave it on the table outside and they would come and collect it.

We even cut each other’s hair – actually the boys cut each other’s hair. I did not let them near mine!

As the gyms were closed a gym area was hastily constructed in the garden and there were many training sessions with much noise and merriment. When the 2 weeks quarantine was over and the boys could come back into the house they were so comfortable in the cabins they decided to stay there. They found the fire, the fairy lights and lack of electricity and gadgets very therapeutic in a time of total chaos.

I was worried about running out of food. I grew enough vegetables to feed an army. The boys were laughing at the volume but funnily enough, we managed to eat them all.

We were literally in a bubble and saw nobody else. I absolutely loved the time with my 4 boys, but I did yearn for my female friends.

It all seems quite surreal now.

In contrast, today, I spent the afternoon with friends laughing, sitting together and sharing copious cups of tea and cakes. It was really lovely and I do hope I never take these simple privileges for granted again.

Connection with the people we love is so important and if you are having a period of stress in your life Dreamcatchers is here for you to disconnect and spend some uninterrupted time together. If lockdown taught me one thing it is never to take that for granted again.