The happy wanderer returns ..

I have been away again while Ross is at home holding the fort! I am taking full advantage of him as he spends his summer at home (probably contravening a child labour law!). What a privilege to be able to go away with friends and leave Dreamcatchers in the hands of a competent team with Ross at the helm. Thank you again to the wonderful “Dream Team”.

As I walked about the site today my breath was taken away with the beauty. A wee Red Squirrel was very busy gathering food, there was a family of Wood Peckers on a bird feeder – amazing colours. I am presuming they were a family. They were all happily sharing the food but they did not see fit to introduce themselves to me, so I am guessing.

The sun was streaming through the trees making beautiful spiky patterns on the path. I was recalling the days we spent barrowing tons of hardcore up the hill to make these paths. The boys laugh when I say I spread 10 tons of hardcore – I am not sure they believe me – maybe the figure has grown a little but I do look around now and wonder how we actually did it. A family with a mixture of skills working together to create a business. It has been such a valuable journey together.

However, we could not have done any of this without you. We are so grateful to everyone who continues to follow our story, book our cabins and support our business in different ways.

I am also eternally grateful to my wonderful friends who I have just spent a week with. We have been together now for 40 years and have seen most life dramas play out in various shapes and forms. The one constant is laughter. We have always managed to laugh even when it is through the tears. If any of my dear friends are reading – I am grateful for you every day too. xxx