Curled up on the sofa ..

Today the rain is pouring down and I am curled up on the settee as are our guests I’d guess.

In the forest the rain drums on the roof in a really therapeutic manner and to sit at the fire and watch it in our outdoor area is really special. The birds are still out and about – Derby included. He has just come to the door and is totally drenched. He thinks it is fun to land on my shoulder and give himself a shake, showering the computer with water droplets – I am sure it is not great for it!

As I have been lazing on the settee I have been browsing through a Christmas magazine. I love everything about Christmas. I particularly like decorating the cabins ready for Santa coming.

The cabins are really cosy in the winter. The crisp days, frosty walks and a roaring fire to come back to is just lovely. We still have spaces in December when our cabins are all decorated with their little trees, wreaths and baubles.

There are spaces between Christmas and New Year too. We had a cancellation today 27th – 29th December. It was a really lovely story. The lady had booked it for her husband as a surprise for his Christmas a couple of months ago. She could not contain herself any longer and had to tell him. He then had to confess he had booked them a holiday leaving after Christmas as a surprise for her!

They will come to us next year.