People who inspire us ..

This morning as I was drinking my coffee and thinking I really should get off the settee, I heard the distinctive clip, clop of hooves coming down the road beside Dreamcatcher Cabins. It was Jane Dotchin. I have never sprung off the settee so fast in my life to get out the door to say hello.

The name probably does not ring any bells with you. Jane is an 80-year-old lady who saddles up her pony every year in Hexham, packs a few items she may need along the way, gets out the saddle bag for her old Jack Russel terrier and makes her way to Inverness with her tent for accommodation.

Her journey takes her around 7 weeks although she was saying this morning when I ambushed her at the gate, it may take a little longer as so many more people have heard about her journey and want to stop her to chat (me for example). She has made the journey every year since the 70s with no map – she just knows her route.

Her journey started on 31st August and as she makes her way through Scotland on her pony Diamond I know she will meet so many people in awe of her fortitude and adventuring spirit – me being one of them. She has gone back to the simple life of just her and her animals making a journey. She has disengaged from the world for a spell and reconnected with nature.

At Dreamcatcher Cabins we hope you will also disconnect from the world and gain some of the inner peace that Jane most definitely exhibits. The forest, nature and the lack of distractions certainly helps.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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