The long-awaited phone call

This morning the phone rang and it was our doctor’s surgery giving Brian an appointment to get is vaccine. It is probably the only time I have wished I was not soooooo much younger than him! It is another sign that we are on the road to recovery. The vaccination programme is rolling out, there is a plan for us coming out of lockdown – even although I am still not totally clear what it is.

My best guess is that we can hope to open on 26th April but I heard Nicola say yesterday if we can open sooner we will – ever the optimist I am confident by April we will be in so much better a position than we are now. Time will tell.

The other huge positive is that spring is round the corner. Dreamcatchers is beautiful in the spring with daffodils, tulips and masses of bluebells. I am so hoping we will be sharing the forest again with you soon.

The wildlife is becoming more active too. Last night we could hear frogs and toads calling – it will not be long before we have frog spawn, the owl was very vocal last night even before dark and we have a vixen (female fox) visiting the garden. How do we know? Strange scratchings in the soil at the door, a haunting call, a yellow patch on the lawn from her urine (sorry if you are eating), all sure signs she is around in the garden.

Foxes are very unpopular in the countryside. They kill hens, small lambs and not necessarily to eat, but for sport. Where I can understand the horror of discovering your hens (we have been there) it is also natural behaviour for foxes and we do need to live with nature I feel.

If you watch Spring Watch on TV you may have seen the feature on rats. They are an animal I have always felt a bit of horror when I have seen them. It was about a man who encouraged and watched them in his garden. Where I am sure his neighbours were distraught, I now have a new found acceptance of the creatures as part of our ecosystem. It was incredibly interesting.

On another note, many of you are making plans for summer. I know we have seen an increase in the number of bookings in the last few days for which we are very grateful. Thank you.

Thank you also to all of you who have once again had the patience to rearrange your bookings. I think you too are sharing my optimism that this is nearly over. It really has helped us through these times. As Ross wrote one day we really have felt your positive presence and love on days we have been a little fed up. For that we are also incredibly grateful.

Thank you and stay safe. x