Today at Dreamcatchers

Life has settled into a very sedate pace. We are still up at a reasonable hour but when the sun is out the”cabin boys” have been joining us for breakfast outside and that has morphed into a couple of hours chatting in the sunshine. It feels almost like a guilty pleasure when so many people are having such sadness and adversity in their lives. We are very lucky and grateful that we are all remaining well.

Brian and Ross are now working on the cabins. There was a drip coming through the chimney in the outside area of Jay’s Nest so Brian is up on the roof fixing it as Ross replaces the cord for the blinds which has become a little frayed. Brian is showing his age with the 70s dance music pumping out his portable speaker. There is not the usual peace in the forest this afternoon.

We have a list of little jobs to do but I have a funny feeling we will be rushing at the last minute before we reopen to get them all done.

I have answered a few questions today about when we will open. We really do not know. You can purchase a Gift Voucher or book a date and if we are still closed we will just move your booking. We feel very lucky with how our cabins are laid out. You can be with us and not see another person which may allow you to visit with more confidence once the lockdown is over. Social distancing will never be an issue.

We look forward to the day we are running around, finishing the jobs on the list, making the beds, replacing the flowers, putting the dressing gowns on the beds and making sure the place is perfect for you – we cannot wait.