We are in June!

How did we get to June? The time has just flown by. We were almost full in both April and May which was fantastic. We are so grateful to everyone who stayed.

We have had several honeymoons in May which has been lovely and a couple of minimoons too. I do love a wedding!

Anyone thinking of getting married, Gartmore has a beautiful village hall. We have a fantastic celebrant called Suzanne (suzanne.teed@humanism.scot) or a beautiful church with a lovely new minister, lots of Bed and Breakfast places in the village and in Aberfoyle, a few minutes away. We really are a great place for a wedding. Of course, the bride and groom can then sneak off to Dreamcatcher Cabins where the most romantic setting for your wedding night awaits.

If you are eloping you can get married in the forest by Suzanne and then relax in your cabin with a little sparkling something. We are happy to be the witnesses, as I said, I do love a wedding

We are working at present on putting together activity packages to sell to our guests on the website (or anyone who wants them really). I would be really interested in your suggestions. What would you like to have organised for you during the day while you are here?

Dreamcatcher Cabins marketing photography. Badger’s Sett at night.